Coffee with…?

Among other things–reading, making shopping lists–I am trying to figure out what to do about afternoon coffee.

My morning coffee gets half and half and sugar; no, half and half is not vegan, sugar is to be avoided on VB6, and morning is certainly not before 6 p.m. But some things are sacrosanct. And the intent of VB6 is that it’s not all or nothing. You can be flexible:  do what works for you and do what makes sense. A tablespoon or two of half and half in the morning is not going to kill me.

But there’s a limit, right? If I break my own rules all day long, then I’m not really doing anything differently, am I?

Which brings me to afternoon coffee. I like to have a little coffee in the afternoon. Also, I just started a new job where there is an actual professional quality espresso machine, so I have developed a little afternoon latte habit. It was already a big treat, since the only cow’s milk at work is whole milk, which I gave up years ago. There are some vegan milks available at the office, however. So in the last couple of days, I’ve tried lattes made with soy milk and vanilla almond milk, but….


They made me feel sad inside. I particularly disliked the aftertaste. I’m sure you develop a taste for it over time, but I’m not sure how hard I want to work for it. That said, I really don’t think I want to make an exception for a half -cup or so of whole milk in the afternoon. I may switch to tea in the afternoons.


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