Backwards Day

The week has gone pretty well so far. My weight has slid slightly in the right direction, which is nice. And I feel good about what I’m eating. I said my lunch on Wednesday would be easy,  since our company buys lunch on Wednesdays and is sure to include vegan options, but in fact, it was this:


Romaine with some pistachios.  I like both romaine and pistachios, don’t get me wrong! But it was a little thin for lunch. There was a some quinoa, too, so I added some of that to a big plate of the salad. I also swiped some tomatoes from the caprese salad. I’m sure the next person wasn’t disappointed to find extra mozzarella waiting! The rest of the week went pretty well, though.

This morning, I went to a meeting at a cafe where the vegan options were limited and also not really appealing. Instead, I went with a cheese plate with a baguette (white bread) and a latte (with real milk). Yum! I figured part of what I’m doing is about flexibility, and I could always make the rest of my day vegan.

My husband ate a late lunch and wasn’t interested in dinner when I was, which worked out pretty well in this case. It’s just easier to stay vegan when we’re not eating together. I foraged around in the fridge and pulled out some salad greens, farro that I made earlier this week, some leftover green beans, and a portabella cap. I sauteed the portabella with a little olive oil, wine, and garlic, heated up the green beans and farro, and tossed it all on top of the greens, along with a little oil and balsamic vinegar. It was pretty tasty for something I threw together at the last moment! I really liked the farro, which I hadn’t tried before.

It was also a testament to the power of preparation; I’ll definitely be precooking some grains and beans tomorrow to prepare for next week.



2 thoughts on “Backwards Day

  1. I find it interesting how some people eat better alone than with their partner. John is the same. When I’m away, he’s Mr. Health, on the food front.When HE’s away, I eat Oreos, chips, hotdogs and pasta. And drink wine and vodka. I find it much easier to eat healthily when I am being watched LOL.

    Well done making it work for you!


    • Thank you! I think we’re both eating better dinners overall lately, but yeah, I think Jerome is more like you in this way. He eats pizza rolls if I’m not home! (Not that I have never done the same!)


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