Back in the saddle again.

Whoa, has it really been three weeks since I last posted? That’s a pretty good reflection of how I’ve been doing with VB6, actually.

After my numbers post, I was feeling pretty good. It wasn’t a crazy drastic weight loss or anything, but it was enough to indicate to me that this approach was working for me. But the toughest thing about a diet is always sticking to it. So after a little flush of success, I slid.

It wasn’t that I didn’t keep vegan during the day. It was more that sometimes, my vegan options were off-plan in some other way. For example, we had burrito day at work. Yay! With a vegan tofu option. Yay! Biting into the burrito, I realized that in addition to the white flour shell, the burrito was full of white rice. Boo! As discussed previously, vegan does not inherently equal healthy.  White carbs are definitely not part of the plan—and I would argue that they’re significantly worse than say, lean meat.

Given a choice of burritos, I suspect my choice was actually better than the other options presented to me. The meats were not necessarily lean, and for all I know they were full of white rice too. On the other hand, I could have gotten lunch elsewhere or brought it from home (we get the Wednesday lunch menu on Tuesday). 

Alternatively, I could have gone vegan for dinner, so that I just had one meal off-plan that day. I don’t remember what I had for dinner that night, but I’m pretty confident it wasn’t vegan.

I also had indulgent dinners a little more often than I had been. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t think there’s anything wrong with indulgent dinners: steak with blue cheese or buttery mashed potatoes. But if I’m eating those kinds of dinners five times a week, I suspect the plan is not going to work for me.

I didn’t gain weight, but I didn’t lose any either. It just sort of evened out. Now the plan is to tighten up on my plan a little, allow fewer exceptions, and really watch out for processed foods and white carbs. I also need to get back to fixing my own food most days: once I’m at a restaurant, I just have less control over what I’m eating. Besides, things seemed to be going pretty well when I was eating salads at lunchtime.

This week has been good so far. I’m suddenly down another couple of pounds—lost those basically as soon as I reined myself back in a bit—and I’m feeling good about my choices again.


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