After 6

What happens to my diet after 6 p.m.? After all, part of the plan is that after 6, there are no rules. Still, I’m trying to be healthier, so I don’t want to sabotage myself every night. So some nights, dinner looks like this:


On the other hand, there are foods that I like that have… shall we say, questionable nutritional content. I am not interested in removing these things from my diet forever. “Don’t let the perfect Beeville the enemy of good,” right? So some nights, it looks more like this:


This week there was a fair amount of slippage in my evening meals. There was date night, dinner-with-my-daughter night, and my-work-lunch-sucked-today night. That’s OK, though. I’m looking to tighten things back up a little this weekend, but I’m still feeling pretty good about how I’m doing overall.